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Florida and U.S. VoIP Services for Out-of-Office Agents

Get VoIP services for all your out-of-office agents at a great price. Our Business Virtual Extension plan connects employees to business phone numbers via their cell phones. Each virtual VoIP service extension comes with a dedicated direct dial number that’s forwarded to a mobile phone, so you can reach employees anywhere, anytime. You’ll get unlimited inbound calls for a flat, low monthly fee. International calls are charged per minute at extremely competitive rates.

Business Metered Extensions Include:

This mobile business VoIP phone service plan is designed for employees who’re often out of office, such as real estate professionals and insurance company reps. It can seamlessly integrate with any cell phone or smartphone from any service provider. You can also forward your calls to an after hour answering service.

As with all our business VoIP service plans, this plan includes one phone number for each extension. You also get the features you want, such as call forwarding, caller-ID, call waiting, music on hold, and call park. You can add on additional features, such as conference bridge, call monitoring, toll-free numbers and paperless fax, for additional small monthly fees.

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* Two Business Unlimited Extensions and a Main Company Number required to begin service.