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VoIP Business Phone System Plans With Unlimited Calling

Our VoIP business phone systems plans with unlimited calling are ideal for VoIP extensions that carry a high volume of calls. With our Business Unlimited Extension plan, you get unlimited calls* in the continental U.S. and Canada for a low monthly fee. There’s no contract to sign, and it’s easy to add or remove additional VoIP phone system extensions as your business changes.

Business Unlimited Extensions Include:

Internal calls on the IT Level 3 network are free no matter where your employees are located, whether at home, across town or across oceans. Calls to international numbers are charged at an extremely competitive per-minute rate.

Our Business Unlimited Extension plan works with our supported small business VoIP phones, Communicator Softphone as well as mobile apps for iPhone and Android.

In addition, this VoIP phone system unlimited plan offers the features you’d expect, including call forwarding, call waiting, caller-ID, voicemail to email, simultaneous ring and much more. We also have optional add-on features for small monthly fees, such as call monitoring, call queues, company-wide call recording and toll-free numbers.

Ready to increase the cost-efficiency of your small or medium size business? Sign up for a Florida and U.S. VoIP business phone system with unlimited calling* or contact IT Level 3 for more information.

* Conditions apply. Contact us for further details.
** Two Business Unlimited Extensions and a Main Company Number required to begin service.