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Business VoIP Phones With the Features You Want

Get business VoIP phones with the features you want from IT Level 3. We offer competitively priced VoIP phones and analog adaptors (ATAs) to small and medium size businesses in Florida and across the US.

We have a variety of VoIP phones available, including desktop, conference and cordless models. They come with a mix of different features, such as power over Ethernet, multiple lines, HD voice technology, headset ports, programmable keys, color displays and Bluetooth support.

Why do you need a VoIP phone or adaptor for VoIP phone service? Traditional phone lines transmit analog signals. VoIP technology transmits digital signals. If you’re switching from a traditional analog phone line to digital VoIP phone service, you’ll need either a VoIP business phone or an adaptor for your traditional phone. We think the savings you make with our VoIP business phone service will quickly cover the costs of a business VoIP phone or adaptor.

Still not ready to purchase a VoIP business phone? Take a look at our Communicator Softphone. It uses software to transform your personal computer into a phone, so you don’t need to buy a dedicated VoIP phone.

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