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Home VoIP Phone Service Plan for the United States and Canada

If you’re looking for VoIP phone service for home use, take a look at our Unlimited Residential Line plan. This plan includes free calling* in the continental United States and Canada for a low, flat monthly fee. International calls are charged at extremely competitive per-minute rates. Easily port your existing number at no charge or choose one with any area code in North America.

Unlimited Residential Lines Include:

This home VoIP phone service plan includes all the features you need most, such as voicemail, call waiting and conference calling.

You don’t have to be an IT Level 3 VoIP business phone customer to save on your residential phone. Add our Unlimited Residential Line plan to your VoIP business extension plan or simply try our VoIP home service to start. Either way, you’ll save big with low monthly rates and reliable service.

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* Terms & Conditions apply