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A Small Business VoIP Phone System Through Your Computer

Transform your personal computer into a small business VoIP phone system with our Communicator Softphone.

Communicator has a host of features to help your small business grow!

A softphone is simply a software program that allows you to make VoIP telephone calls from a computing device. It’s an inexpensive, yet sophisticated way to make and manage calls, and all you need is a computing device, headphones with mic and an Internet connection. It offers all the call features you’d expect, such as voicemail, redial, mute, and missed call display. The softphone software also supports conferencing, call center features, call parking, call monitoring, faxing and CRM integration.

If you’re looking for an easy way to take advantage of small business VoIP phone system pricing without investing in a VoIP phone, then give our Communicator Softphone a try. You can use any of our flat-rate, no contract VoIP system plans with our communicator softphone too.

Need something more than a robust phone than a softphone? We carry a variety of reasonably priced VoIP system phones.

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