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VoIP Service Plans for Light Business Use

When you need a VoIP service plan for infrequent or light business use, then our Business Metered Extension plan is a great choice. By charging a low, low monthly rate and small per-minute fee, this plan can accommodate calling when you need it, without paying the higher monthly rate of an unlimited plan.

Business Metered Extensions Include:

Our VoIP Business Metered Extension plan includes one phone number per extension and many great features, such as three-way conference calling, call forwarding, call waiting, caller-ID and voicemail to email. You can also import your current numbers and integrate with our VoIP Communicator Softphone.

While this plan carries a low per-minute fee, all calls made within your company or on the IT Level 3 network are 100-percent free.

If you need VoIP for business in Florida or anywhere in the US, then sign up for our Business Metered Extension VoIP service plan today or contact us for more information.

* Two Business Unlimited Extensions and a Main Company Number required to begin service.